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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Capturing Winter

So many of my pictures have been of Winter lately, and not by choice. Just take a look at my last few posts. These photos were taken Christmas Day when my son received a snowball maker as a gift. Genius! You hardly even need to wear gloves, which is what he and his brother and cousin did not do as they dashed outside to try it out. Our little niece who was enjoying the day, opening gift after gift and bopping all around her cousin's home was now being treated to a real show. She had never seen a snow ball fight in her 18 months of life apparently and was mesmerized. At first her Meme held her tight at the window as they pelted snow balls at her through the window. It was not long before she was squealing with glee and wondering where can I get one of those things? And how can I get out of this house? So cute.


  1. A snowball maker! How fun is that?: ) Your winter pictures are so fun! I love the one of your daughter(?) and her Grandma looking out the window. So totally precious : )

  2. My son has one of those snowball makers, in red...it really does make perfect snowballs! Fun shots!