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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do people still use drysinks?  And, what's the point of a sink that's dry?  Hmmm.  Anyways, this is a free on craigs list rescue.  Abandoned on a back deck and  left out in the rain.  :{  This makeover took about 3 or so hours only.  A quick sand and wipe down, a coat of aqua paint and then two different shades of gray drybrushed over, which was kind of fun, and then about 20 minutes with the electric sander to distress, which was really fun.  I shined up the original hardware with sandpaper, and then a quick coat of minwax in clear.  

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  1. a dry sink was used in the olden days before indoor plumbing to hold a pitcher of water and a bowl to wash hands.

    I inherited my Mother's antique dry sink and I'm going to use it to showcase an antique sewing machine and for additional storage.

    Anyway, I'm going through the Sunday Best links and it brought me to your blog. I'll scroll down the posts to find your actual Sunday Best post. :-)