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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Wheaton Dresser....farmhouse chic, rustic and elegant.  I picked this up from an older couple that is moving.  The entire piece inside and out had been painted, very thickly, in a warm wheat beige and given "new" royal blue ceramic knobs.  I thinking this unfortunate transformation happened about 30 years ago, at least.  The dresser is solid, but very simple; no fancy trim, etc.,  but I love this style, with the delicate legs and great wide drawers.  I decided to heavily distress it and was able to reveal a lot of spots of gray primer, and warm wood.  It was looking better.  I painted the drawer fronts a medium gray, along with the feet, and then decided to distress those as well to blend it all together.  I still was not entirely happy; it was just not quite there yet.  So, I decided to follow my heart and damask the top and drawer fronts. I love this technique! I used a metallic silver and an old damask curtain panel.  This bureau actually shimmers in the sunlight now.  The front is very subtle tone on tone, and the top where I sprayed the metallic over the distressed wheat color is amazing.  I coated the entire piece in wipe on poly, added new knobs: vintage on top, and brand new on the bottom drawers.  Its complete!  It's equal parts rustic and elegant, and definitely one of a kind. :)
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  1. Ok...great looking dresser...but you gotta share more than "metallic silver and an old damask curtain panel."...Did you trace from the panel, spray the panel and use it like a giant stamp, cut the pattern out of the panel and use it like a giant stencil...Hoping for info......

    1. All I did was lay the panel over and spray away. It is so simple.