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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pleasing Peony

Today is cloudy almost hazy with mist. I picked this peony from just outside my bedroom window where they have recently come into full bloom despite the cloudy weather of the past few days. I placed it on my dresser where I can inhale it whenever I pass by. Seems kind of silly, but it's on of the best fragrances, right up there with lilacs and clean baby. And like lilacs and babies there is such a small window of time to indulge that you really need to take every opportunity or you miss out. As we were putting our kids to bed I picked up this little crystal vase with flower and carried it upstairs to share. I had them each take a deep inhale before I kissed them goodnight. Even my moody 13 year old son, who had just gotten an ultimatum on a homework assignment he had put marginal effort into raised his head off his pillow and took a reluctant whiff. Not long after I caught my husband smelling the flower in the kitchen where I had set the vase down. I had to giggle, he wasn't going to miss out either.

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