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Friday, April 2, 2010

Free as We'll Ever Be

Alright, after much procrastinating I am finally joining up with Simply Feather on her creative art inspired weekly Thursday meme, encouraging folks to get a little creative and inspire each other. My resident artist and youngest son Gabriel was all over this task when I tried to explain it to him. He draws daily and encourages/begs me to join in any chance he can get. How can I say no to him when his oldest brother who is 14, some days will only scowl at me. I understand how fleeting time can be, you have to take advantage and cherish. So anyways, Gabe wants to be a comic book artist one day soon. Hs first choice is to be Captain America, but if he can't save the world literally he will do it through his art. This week I told him that I would be trying to create something inspired by our trip last weekend to the butterfly sanctuary. Here is what we came up with. I used watercolor pencils and sharpie, and Gabriel chose some old paint by number paints. Yes I know it's quite a mix, but it worked. After some frustration on my part( my computer not printing and having to run between rooms to gaze at my inspiration); Gabe being a more instinctual artist was able to just visualize and create. He was in his glory, his Mom at his side and his creative juices flowing.
About a week ago I watched Crossroads on CMT with The Zach Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet. I cannot get enough of their heartfelt cover of Free/Into the Mystic, a song that perfectly sums up their love of what they do. Van Morrison's version of this song is classic, but this cover is so special. I have been playing this on my Ipod all week, and it is what we listened to as we worked on our art. Take a few to listen and you will be glad you did.
You can check out what Simply Feather and friends have done this week also and what inspired them at http://simplyfeather.blogspot.com/ . And, I am also hooking up with The Inspired Room at http://theinspiredroom.net/. This is a beautiful blog full of great creative ideas.

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  1. I saw at Feather's that you couldn't link, so came over to say Hello! I agree with you. Every time my son is following me around, driving me crazy with questions, I remind myself that someday he will only scowl at me. Glad you got to enjoy this with your son. I love both pictures, and I love the fact that he was standing to paint, like a true artist!