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Friday, April 16, 2010

Skywatching in the City

I took this photo Tuesday on Mulberry Street in Little Italy New York. I try to be acutely aware when I am in NYC, so as not to miss anything or anyone. I looked up and caught this photo as the sun was trying to break free from the overcast morning. We had just finished lunch at a cute little place: spaghetti carbonara, brick oven pizza and lasagna. We were walking down Mulberry heading toward Canal Street trying to determine if Law and Order was done shooting for the day or just on lunch break. There were two men just around the corner who had just emerged from a private restaurant/club. They were older middle aged, mismatched suit jackets and pants, hair perfectly slicked back, cigars in mouths, hands in their pockets, barrel chested, standing on a stoop and surveying "their" street. Forget about Law and Order, suddenly it felt like we were in a scene from the Soprano's. Maybe they were extras from the Law and Order set, but I don't think so. Unfortunately I was too chicken to take their photo, me in my Mafia fantasy deep in the heart of Little Italy.
Check out other braver sky watchers at :www.skyley.blogspot.com. Have a great weekend. I am heading south this week and hope to have a gorgeous skywatch photo for next week. See you then! Ciao!


  1. A lovely moody shot!

  2. That is an awesome photo....well done

  3. This is a great shot!! LOLOL at the Soprano remark....

  4. Loved this!

    (I can almost hear the Soprano theme song playing...)

  5. I love this shot, and I love The Sopranos.