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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Celebrating Friday this week with a skywatch photo taken last Saturday and posted today, which is actually Thursday. My daughter hurdles and indoor track season is fast approaching. She wanted to go to the track and practice a little last weekend after her Dad complained that she was spending too much time sitting on the couch, texting her boyfriend. I think she is amazing, first impressing us with just trying this sport, and then
becoming competent enough to compete. All the while with a disinterested coach.
This week I started watching my two year old niece during the day. She found my daughter's old baby doll, tucked in a low book shelf in Aubrie's room, and now drags it around the house. Does that ever bring me back and remind me how fleeting time is. My baby girl no longer needs to be buckled into her car seat, she is learning to drive the car. She hurdles.
I would give almost anything to have her, my first born as her two year old self for a day.


  1. learning much with life... she's doing great... pretty sky..
    My Skywatch here

  2. I am waiting for your daughter to appear in the Olympic game!!!
    Nice angle and very dramatic photography.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. This point of view makes her leap all the way to glorious future.