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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I took these photos of my daughter yesterday just as she had finished getting ready for the Prom. She has sheer bright pink curtains in her bedroom where the heavenly late afternoon light was being diffused. It was so hot up in her bedroom, with what seemed like a mini heat wave yesterday and with no central air in our house we were melting as we tried to get her ready for pictures. "Quick", just go stand in front of the window I urged her and hold the curtain in front of you. Despite the 85 degrees in her room, and just wanting to get downstairs and on with the night she agreed. My sweet girl. We are blessed. :)
I am linking in with my shadow/silhouette photos at: http://heyharriet.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!


  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful subject.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog, these pictures are amazing


  3. Your daughter is beautiful and what a wonderful effect with the sheer curtains. The second one is a stunning photo.