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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cardio and Cone Flowers

Last night I was all set to head off to a Zumba class, which I love. It's cardio for sure, but it just feels like your dancing. It is so much fun, and the time flies. But, my flower beds are out of control with crab grass. I just couldn't justifying driving to go exercise when weeding is such a work out in itself.(But not nearly as fun):( My butt was killing me when I was done for the night, and I still have several hours of potential exercise out there in my very own front yard. So, since I was hanging around the yard I decided to take some photographs of the most photogenic flowers ever: Cone Flowers. It really is hard to take a bad picture of them. The center is so three dimensional it just pops. And then when a bee hops in the composition it is nearly perfect. Thanks Mr. Bee.
Enjoying Wordless Wednesday.


  1. The last one is beautiful. Looks like it belongs in a dream world.

  2. Love your post! so funny and I know how you feel! I simply love, love, love that second photo - the petals seem to be swirling.

  3. These are beautiful, I love the 2nd one, it looks like it's dancing!