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Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Three Words

My daughter is filling out scholarship applications. She asked me and her littler brothers three words to describe her. We decided that Aubrie is kind, and friendly, and intelligent and caring and tolerant........ She is tolerant for sure. When your Mom asks you to go pose for a photo in the bathroom behind the new curtain she just put up; and your able to do this and keep a straight face, that's tolerance. She certainly has the ability to remain calm when those around her are losing their minds( I think that may be a Rudyard Kipling para phrase)or at least acting mindless, which is how I could describe the chaos in our home at any given moment. Presently she sits quietly on the couch, lost in the family kindle (a PTO raffle win!) She is reading her third book of this February vacation week. Her youngest brothers run through the house hurling physical and mental insults at each other, one fending off a bloody nose from a recent pillow fight. She sits, lost in the bliss of a really good book. Good for you honey! I hug her a lot lately, already missing her and wondering what it will be like when she is away at college and I am home with three boys and a husband.

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  1. They do grow up fast, don't they? What a beautiful post and photo.