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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gabriel in Profile

This photo was taken yesterday, shortly before Gabe got his hair cut. He has been wanting an "edge up", and had just shown me a "fine" example on google images of Channing Tatum.  He has been working this " gel up in the front" hair do for about a month now and was decidedly ready for a change. Lol.
Today I picked up my cell phone and was scanning through photos.  He had taken several shots of himself post cut and added them to my gallery.  He told me last night that he thought a lot of girls might think he was cute with this new hair cut. I said "I think a lot of girls think your cute any way Gabe."  Pleased, he walked away. 


  1. That's really funny! I know I think he's cute... Great shot.

  2. Too cute! He's a handsome chap ... I see girls flocking!!!

    TTFN ~

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