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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

Crazy storms here last night. As I lay in bed in a deep half sleep trying to decide if I should go upstairs and turn off the kids air conditioners, I listened to the crashing thunder. Then I fell back asleep. This morning I found my youngest curled up at his brother's feet in the bottom bunk. My daughter had moved to the couch in their room near the air conditioner and had then had the sense to turn it off during the electrical storm. Or my husband did?? There room was sweltering this morning. All three of them sprawled in one room with no air circulating. My oldest son over slept peacefully in his air conditioned room, door closed, cool as a cucumber. Apparently he never heard the thunder and his mother was too tired to go up and shut it off for him.
It wasn't until the boys went out for the bus that we found this lone tree down in our neighbor's yard. It had fallen perfectly between their pool and a shed, the only tree even mildly disturbed. Crazy.

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