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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shell Studies

My little guy found this shell as we were driving madly down the beach in search of the wild horses in North Carolina. He spotted it as we were cruising at a good speed on that cool windy day, waves crashing, tour guide describing. He yelled with glee that he had just spotted a perfect shell in the sand. He was right! We stopped the jeep and I hastily jumped out to take a picture. "Mom, run back down the beach he encouraged me, we just passed a good one! " The boy has an eye for beach combing. Last Summer he found sea glass like no one's business, quickly bending over every few feet or so, smooth, tan skin exposed, exclaiming "I found another piece!".
It's a nice reminder on this cloudy cold Spring afternoon of days gone past and warm sea breezes to come .
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  1. What a lovely series of photos -- he certainly did find that perfect sea shell. I have never been very good at spotting sea shells (or if I do, it is just in time for the ocean to come and take it back!) I have recently moved to the west coast, and I have never lived so close to the beach in my life. I think I am getting better! baby steps.

    Thanks for sharing on this lovely WW!

    -Christina (http://www.umeorigami.com)

  2. I love shells!

    And that's a beautiful one.:P