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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Times Square Terror

I am a little freaked out every time I catch the news about the car bomb in Times Square. That it was in fact a terrorist act with the Taliban from Pakistan responsible. I took this photo less than a month ago! I may have walked down the street where they parked the smoking car. Me and thousands of others!
I love NYC, just like the t-shirts say. My husband and I are avid 24 fans, and on a recent episode a few weeks before this Times Square incident, the" bad" guys left nuclear bombs in a van parked in an alley of a busy section of New York. We can remember remarking on how simple it would really be to harm thousands of people. Now I wonder if "they" are fans of the show too.
I am linking up with Ruby Tuesday today at http://workofthepoet.blogspot.com. Check it out and clear your mind from any terror I let in with this post. And, love the one's your with.


  1. NY is the Big Red Apple, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful image! It is scary how easily harm can come to so many people. And yet, there is a special kind of beauty that comes with photographing and writing about terrifying events.

  3. Love the imagex Happy Ruby Tuesdayx lynda