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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sky Watch

I have missed at least two rainbows in the past few weeks! Arrghh! I never seem to have my camera when I need it. Once I turned the car around, still on my street, and dashed back in the house for it. A total of one minute had passed and so had the rainbow. This will have to do as my skywatch shot for this week. Taken with my point and shoot, I never got out of the car. I like the angle and the warped perspective that is common with photos of buildings. I think it adds to the surrealness of the building popping up in the fluffy white clouds drifting by.
I am looking forward to checking out skies around the globe at: http://skyley.blogspot.com.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. we missed snapping a double rainbow this week.
    i had to keep reminding my daughter that we should enjoy it for what it is even without our cameras....

    but it would have been nice ;)

    that old building has amazing architecture.

  2. Moral of story, we should all travel with our cameras at ALL TIMES! The same thing happens to me. That is the challenge of photography. Things don't wait!

    Love this angle on today's photo and am laughing about your not getting out of the car to take the picture. That's the mood I'm in today. How fun!!!

  3. I like it too. I love this perspective in photographing churches ... I do it all the time. This is gorgeous.

  4. This is a beautiful choice for Skywatch Friday!

  5. Rainbow or not, I love this shot and the crazy perspective of it! I know what you mean about missing the camera-- it's almost a physical pain, isn't it, when you see something amazing and can't take a picture of it?