It is my intention to post photographs that I would like to share. I welcome feedback from anyone willing to follow along. Just double click on any photo to enlarge.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before and After

I am loving these Before and After Thursdays. Thanks Pixel Perfect!
I took these photos a few moments ago and quickly threw them on and edited them. Van is in the garage today so we are stranded at home. For this edit I played around with contrast, temp and saturation a little, and then I isolated just his face and posterized the rest of the photo. I love how he looks like he is enveloped in a painting! I think you need to enlarge(just click on) to really see the effects.
You can check out many wonderful edits this week at:www.pixelperfect.blog.com/. Enjoy!:)


  1. Great photo and nice warmth and effects of the edit!

  2. I love the effects - fun! The shot is a great one too. Thanks for sharing!