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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

The kids swam, and the sun set and all was well. These photos were taken last weekend in Rhode Island. Despite fulfilling a life long dream and getting a tattoo, Gabriel could not summon the courage to swim in the big waves. ( Ironically his tattoo means courage.) He hung out on the beach with his Daddy.
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  1. Your action shots of the children just blow me away. So much fun!


  2. Aw, that first photo is so inviting. I want to jump too :) Lovely photos, I like the fluffiness of the clouds in your photos.

    My Skywatch Friday entry

    Followed you today in google.

  3. Loved photo number one, and then number two, and then realized I loved all of them.

  4. Total fun in the sun!! If only I got your weather here in my town :p