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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review of Super 8

These are just a few random photos from the road. I was the passenger in the the front when these were taken last Friday eve after a rollicking thunderstorm. We, my husband, myself and two younger boys were on our way to the movies to see Super 8. It has gotten wonderful reviews, billed as the "must see movie of the Summer". One review said that if you are ten years old it will be the best movie you have ever seen, or something to that effect. It was very good, but very intense and scary at times. I think it is safe to say that i f you are younger than 10 it will likely scare the heck out of you. Gabriel was a seat away from me sitting next to Dad, and spent a good part of the movie in his arm pit. I offered to have him come sit in my lap when I realized just how frightening it was. He paused and nearly took me up on this offer, but the " cooler" 10 year old going on 16 side of him thought better of this and he stayed put wedged in the crack between the two seats. Periodically he would crane his neck around Daddy and in a very enunciated whisper exclaim, " Mom, why did you bring me to this, it's scary!". I tried to focus on the movie but was wedged between guilt and visions of a sleepless night for all with Gabe in our bed, in Daddy or my armpit all night long. Lol. In the end he said it was " so scary" but he loved it, and we did too. When we got home he went right up to bed and slept through the night and has not brought the movie up again. It was a kind of fantastical unrealistic scary that fortunately does not linger for long, although the thrill of the scare does, which is kind of cool when you are 10 or even 40plus. We saw the digital version, but if you have the opportunity to see it in the IMAX theatre with 3D, pass. Plenty intense enough with out it.
Next on my list to view is "Crazy, Stupid, Love" with Steve Carell. Will be leaving the younger viewers home for that one.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the photos. Well done!

    Thanks for stopping by my first WW post :).

  2. What a precious face! :)
    Love the shot of the car on the road!

  3. Beautiful shots! What effect did you use on the middle two pics? Very cool:)

  4. that second one is really awesome

  5. Love the second one! What a great effect, love your texture work.