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Friday, June 10, 2011

Skywatch Friday

You can check it out at: http://skyley.blogspot.com. Enjoy. Gabe is a literal skywatcher, always scanning the sky or Internet weather sites for storms. Here he is waiting for his school bus and scanning the skies for signs of inclement weather. He is petrified of wacky weather and unfortunately I can no longer scoff at his fears. First thing in the morning when I turn on The Today Show I need to quickly jump for the remote and mute our little kitchen TV, depending on what tragic weather conditions there are around the country. In my early morning grogginess, which is intense, I need to make a split second decision and decide if my ten year old can handle what jolly Al Roker has to report on "our neck of the wood", and habitats far away. Tornadoes are a very rare occurrence where we live. But that is no longer a true statement. Last Summer one crashed through our town upending trees, and last week less than an hours drive away a major one crash landed on the CT/MA border. With yesterdays big electrical storm that lingered for several hours and took out our power, Gabe was begging for us all to take cover in the basement. My heart breaks for him, as he worries daily about his safety; and especially for all the little kids who have been tragically effected by this turbulent storm season.:( Wake up you Republican politicians who refuse to believe that Global Warming exists! Maybe they need to try a little skywatching.
You can do your own skywatching at: www.skyley.blogspot.com.


  1. So true. My hubby went to school in Boston and was saddened by the news of tornadoes causing death and destruction in Massachusetts earlier this month...

  2. this is a beautiful photo--delightful colors! my heart goes out to your son and to millions of children around the world who fear for their safety. although we have tropical storms all year round, the monsoon rains have doubled the danger to children going to school (classes started last Monday). flooding is everywhere.