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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday and Sunny

Gabe invited his buddy from down the street over for a swim first thing this morning. These two get a long great and are very similar in personality and overall cuteness I must say. His friend does not attend the same public school that my son does, but a magnet school about half and hour away. Needless to say they both have many other unshared friends which is kind of nice for many reasons. Bryce is turning ten soon and was planning his party out loud as he splashed in our pool, and then draped his skinny, not yet tanned little body over a raft. He listed about eight different boys and then finally said, "Oh, and you Gabe, your invited too." But then he quickly followed it up with "Do you have anyone else you might know that you would like me to invite?" " I don't want you hanging around with me for the whole party; for a little while is okay, but I don't want to have to talk to you the whole time."
I thought it was hysterical. Only a ten year old boy could be so honest . And only another ten year old could take it with out offense. Gabe looked at me and rolled his eyes, recognizing the insult and then continued on with his fun.

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