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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am Thankful....

...for this little guy among others. Yesterday it was only a half day of school before the holiday and he was a little under the weather. As he was waking up and beginning to get ready for school I realized that he could hardly hear anything I was saying. Major head congestion and random comments about pain in his ear. I thought what the hey he could take a sick day from school and then I could decide if we needed to call the Dr. before the holiday weekend began. Gabe is a very social person, but so loves an opportunity to miss a day of school. When you have four kids it is rare to be home alone with just one. For this reason I sometimes secretly enjoy "sick" days. He was quite pleased and surprised of my offer. Usually he is trying to rustle up a few symptoms to get a day off. He had chicken noodle soup for breakfast and then I spent the morning talking loudly and repeating myself, telling him to turn the T.V. down over and over, and stopping him from drinking eggnog( probably the worse this to drink when your congested, right??). His hearing was really off! I was able to convince him to pose for a quick portrait too. :)
Still no signs of an infection though, so I am hoping the over the counter decongestant is working. Right now he is off at the high school football game with his Dad, brothers and friends.

and then, she {snapped}

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  1. Great shot!!! Love it!! It must be nice to keep them home for a mom and son day. Giving them that special time!!