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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This little doll came to visit us over the weekend. She is my brother-in-laws daughter, my neice. I am her aunt, and today she became an aunt for the second time. Her first born neice is less than a year younger than she is, her oldest brother's first born and her favorite playmate. That little one became a big sister today when her Mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Girls, girls everywhere! My first born was a girl and then I had three boy's in a row (who I do adore, usually, when they are not being cruel and unusual to each other), however I really enjoy the girls. My first born neice, her sister Mary drove her and another sister to spend time with their Meme and visit us. She is just as much a quintessential girl as my youngest is boy. She played dress-up, falling in love with the tutu costume, and insisting on wearing the one ballet slipper we could find. She took time and consideration picking flowers and letting her cousin Donovan help to place them behind her ear. She looks so sweet and time-less in this picture that I couldn't resist turning it sepia.

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