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Monday, July 20, 2009

White Cone Flower

Cone flowers have to be one of the most satisfying flowers to take macro pictures of. The center is so three dimensional and just pops when you get it right. My eight year old thinks the center looks like an "orange world". I put my camera on manual for this and focused in as close as would allow and then moved myself until the flower came in clear. This I remembered from my first photography class in highschool and my absent minded teacher Hans Bauer. He would go to the supply closet for a screw driver to adjust an easel and become distracted by something or someone with a question. By the time he would eventually emerge the bell would ring and class would be over. He taught many art classes at the school and was inspiring just the same. I vivdly remember him sharing a photography book with us on landscapes of CapeCod and the beautiful quality of light that is unique to that area. He encouraged us to take photos with natural light and let us know what a day with ideal quality of light for outdoor pictures looked like. I still register days like that and think what a waste, I should be taking pictures with this light.

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