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Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping Busy

I tried to take this picture in macro mode, but the darn bee was moving so fast he blurred a little. Still I did get a good angle of him. He sure was busy and so were we today. Two trips to the gorcery store, one in which I came home with cherry stone clams, my husband's favorite for only 78cents a pound. I cleaned the inside of two minivans, motivated by the ding in the exterior of our newest vehicle that I made when I forgot we had 5 tons of mulch and a wheelbarrel still sitting in our driveway waiting to be shoveled and scattered. It's only been there a month now. I was on my first trip to the grocery store and backed right into it. I thought I should at least try to keep the inside looking as new as possible. We also worked on shrinking the mulch pile, did msc. weeding and tree trimming, as well as the usual laundry, cooking and continuous cleaning of the kitchen. Not to mention the shucking of the two dozen clams. That part I just watched.


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  2. This is a really great shot! Did you use a zoom lens? I was shooting some flowers yesterday, and apparently it's pollinating season, because there were bees all around me! But I could not figure out how to get a good close up shot of one of them!