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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Golden Boy

We spent the day at an ocean side park basking in the glorious sun. After so much rain everyone just wanted to soak it in. You couldn't help but feel happy and content. I took this picture just before we left to go home. It was really gray for a color photo, with little contrast. I played around with it and was able to pull some color out and warm it up.
This little guy is destined to be a golden boy. He is amiable, outgoing and generally well liked by his peers, of all ages. He makes friends wherever he goes with children and adults alike. He is kind to animals and thinks little babies are cute. He lives everyday with intention and passion giving 100% effort to whatever he is doing, from playing baseball or four square in the driveway with his friends, to practicing to be a comic book artist, or bugging his Mom for three straight hours to take him to the dollar store. Really, you can see it in his eyes if you look closely. He dreams of one day becoming Captain America and saving us all from the "bad guys". Sometimes I think he just might.

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