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Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Capture : Sunrise

This is my favorite, and only sunrise photo, as I do not do early morns. I took this picture on vacation this Summer on the bay in Maryland. It is the view off the screen porch of the house we rented. It was absolutely as idyllic as it appears. The sun rose every morning on the water and was worth the early rise to get this picture. I love how I captured the screen as well.


  1. I want to be where that sunrise is...absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love the screen.... so cool!

  3. That screen perfectly accents the sunset!

  4. Lovely shot! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh my, this is a gorgeous sunrise! How awesome that you were there to enjoy it in person. Love the screen....in fact when I first saw the pic, I thought that was a texture that you had added. lol Looks great!

  6. thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. Great shot thru the screen... love the effect.

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