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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Possibly we are taking this shadow thing too literally. I'm a little tired having enjoyed a Jimmy Buffet concert last night, tailgating and all that includes with some like minded friends. We are slow to get moving today and are enjoying a day with nowhere we need to be. Ahhhh. Soon our next sport season for the boys(two of them anyway) will begin. The wrestling season is a killer, very intense and long, possibly too long for the sanity of your marriage when your husband is a coach. Some how we manage and life proceeds. Today the kids are in and out and about. I have yelled shut the door about 6 times so far. I was at the kitchen sink and looked out the window to see a belt dangling from upabove, probably out my son's bedroom window. Earlier I caught a glimpse of them on our back deck putting bakingsoda and vinegar into a soda bottle. Hmmmmm. I caught them once as they ran through the house, in one door and out the other and had them pose for a shadow shot. I liked this one the best.


  1. Ahhhh, the joy of boys...good luck mom!!!
    Cute shots though!

  2. These are really great. What a terrific effect. Nice job. :)