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Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's a Mellow Yellow Macro Monday

This is my first time joining in for Mellow Yellow Monday. Greetings and welcome to anyone who stops by. This is a photo of a fancy sunflower I believe. I took this a few weeks ago as they were starting to fade for the season. Still pretty though. Sunflowers remind me of the first Summer in our home. We had it built, and participated in much of the process. When we moved in, finally, we still had landscaping to do and no funds to hire anyone. Me, liking to be a little different and somewhat creative decided to fill the front beds with sunflowers. We have a very traditional Capecod style house. I think I thought it would look kind of cottagey maybe and a little whimsical too. Maybe it would have had I not planted the variety that grow as high as twenty feet. It wasn't long before they hit the gutters of the roof and then slumped over from the weight of their beautiful faces. They looked so silly. Kind of funny, but not my best landscaping decision. You can check out Macro Monday at: http://lisaschaos.blogspot.com. Please do.


  1. Beautiful colors! I love the colors combination.

  2. Very beautiful photo and beautiful flower!

  3. Funny story! It's the kind of thing I'd do, too! LOL!

    I love sunflowers.

  4. Well, by our mistakes we learn, landscapers included!
    Lovely sunflower.
    Happy First MYM!!!

  5. striking colors! very beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I also enjoy watching sunflowers swaying while the wind blows at them. They are like dancers. Hahaha! The close up photo is creative. You should have taken a photo of the sunflowers while they were hitting the gutters of the roof.

    Richard Boles