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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

We are installing new hardwood floors this weekend. Yay! Although we had not planned this, a quick Home Depot visit turned into a bargain for us. My husband found some pre finished flooring on clearance, just enough to finish off our first floor. Our carpet was overdue to be replaced and we were planning on installing hardwood in these rooms eventually. With this long weekend I convinced my husband we should try and get this done while we had the time. Now we are down to the wire. Rented nailer in hand, and back to work on Monday we need to finish up. We emptied the front room and pulled up the carpeting. I took down the curtains for more light and revealed these beautiful silhouettes, a perfect shadow shot. Now it's back to work for me. Check out the others at http://heyharriet.blogspot.com.

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  1. Gorgeous light. With windows and light like that I would never put up curtains or drapes...lol. My family says I'm a child of the light because I love for all the curtains in my house to be open and the sun to stream in. I know I'm just claustrophobic.