It is my intention to post photographs that I would like to share. I welcome feedback from anyone willing to follow along. Just double click on any photo to enlarge.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye Can See You

Eye thought eye would join in macro Monday this week with this up-close and personal shot of my son. Eye like how the high black and white contrast makes his lashes pop. You can see more macro photos at: http://lisaschaos.com/. Enjoy!


  1. Great photo and I love the black and white contrast:)

  2. I was reading your profile statement and got stopped by "distracted by beauty." Distracted usually means to me that you were derailed from something important by something less so. Not so with beauty -- it's more like being "attracted to beauty." (Thanks for your comment on my mosaic.)

  3. The lashes do indeed pop -- and the touch of color is marvelous.

  4. The high res version of this shot is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your son with us.

    Lovin' Macro Monday,
    Cameo @-->-->---

  5. Gorgeous eye!
    This is to me truly beautiful, natural, and just as is, no make up, no curling lashes, and no eye shadow or whatsoever..