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Friday, February 26, 2010


I feel like I am living in a parallel universe and it's getting more and more confusing. We live in the northeast part of the country that has been getting pummeled with snowstorm after storm, yet we get relatively little. We seem to be in a vacuum. Blizzards swirl all around us, yet we remain unscathed. The weather men are even more confused than me. They now babble in circles , insecure in their ability and can no longer predict the weather with any accuracy. I can't even look them in the eye anymore. I am annoyed and sympathetic at once. The yellow bus in this photo shows up at odd times and drops the kids off, home early for the day with only light flurries in the skies. Some mornings we get only rain and still the bus does not show. Two weeks ago, the state closed early as we were expecting 12-18 inches of snow. We got 2 and a half. The kids don't seem to mind ofcourse; I see them walking around the house, up late on school nights, shirts inside out and backwards, and lately I have been finding spoons under the beds. Their superstitious ways seem to be working.

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  1. Oh, the sorcery of children avoiding school! You gotta love it. :)