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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shut -Ins

Today I feel like a shut-in and just a little batty. We had yet another snow day even though we didn't really get any snow. Go figure. I thought about taking my group to the mall since the roads looked just fine, but then came to my senses. We ended up just laying low and riding out "the storm". I decided to practice my photo taking/editing skills since I had so many captive people within reach. I bribed my son who I have hardly photographed in the last year to pose for a few stills ( he was actually playing xbox or wii or something like that most of the time, but at least he's not bolting from the room). My sweet daughter was more than willing to pose for me today and her littlest bro jumped in near the end of the shoot, always willing to ham it up. My other son was hooked up to his ipod "watching Fred". Who's Fred and is he okay for 5th graders?

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