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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here Comes the Sun.....do do do doo

I've been feeling a little off lately, maybe even a little "imbalanced". Examples: not nearly patient enough, not getting along well with off spring, feeling sorry for myself with no good reason, annoyed with self over this, distracted easily, in need of a back rub, overwhelmed by the mess and clutter of life in this house. Could be a woman thing but I'm going with lack of vitamin D. I just need more sunshine. Yesterday was lovely weather, warmer breezes and lots of sun, finally. I painted my goddaughter's little toenails bright pink, her choice, on our front steps and we shared a chocolate bar. Bliss. Today I found runnuculus in the grocery store for $1 a bunch! I love these funky flowers. I'm feeling warmer already.


  1. Delicate and delightful!

  2. Oohhhhh!! You weren't quite finished with the lovely post and photos when I commented... WOWza! It just keeps getting better. Let's hear it for the Vitamin D- I know I'm going through withdrawal.

    I like your sunny approach, though. This is a great cure for the springy-dingy-blahs.

  3. Lacking my medical degree but I think you are so RIGHT...lack of sunshine is making all of crazy!!! Those beautiful flowers sure helped more than a Vitamin D tablet!!!!