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Friday, March 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday

This was taken from my front stoop a few weeks back. If you look closely you can see Summer off in the far distance. :)
Today I am off to buy new razor scooters for my boys. They need more "fun" in their lives so I've been told. I think we all have Spring fever. My 11 year old keeps rollerskating down steep inclines. His arms flailing wildly, dodging on-coming traffic, trying to keep up with his buddy on a motorized scooter and impress the neighborhood girls. We live in a hilly area, and impulsive and not the most coordinated child this is causing me stress. I am thinking of having a t-shirt printed up with "wear your helmet!" silk screened across the front and back. I've said it about 50 times this week.
You can check out skies across the world at: http:skyley. blogspot.com.


  1. Super beautiful. Yup spring and summer isn't that far. Thanks for sharing!

    Sky Watch Friday

  2. I like the way you have captured the light breaking the clouds. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for your kind words.

    Have a great day!

  3. G'day, K ~ What perfection you capture ... beautiful.

    Happy St Patrick's Day ~
    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. what a lovely scene! happy weekend!

  5. I found that the best way to encourage my daughter to wear a helmet was to let her borrow mine. Kayaking, mountain climbing or cycling...

    Having worked as a medic, I have a pretty solid appreciation for a good brain-bucket. And plus, if you take the helmet to cool places and then decorate it- what's not to love?

  6. I too have sring fever and I can't wait for the nice weather to appear, so I can get outside with my camera and take some amazing pics without freezing or getting soaked from the rain.

    Beautiful shot by the way, I love the colors in the sky and the trees in the forefront are awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! ~ Debra

  7. Lovely shot! I hope your son enjoys his new scooter :)