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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pleading with Fifths

Dear 5th's Disease,

Why do you call yourself a disease when you are just a virus? It makes you sound deadly when your really just annoying and uncomfortable but pretty harmless. Why is this itchy rash, that now covers my arms, legs, torso and cheeks lasting so long and getting worse, especially at night when I need my sleep and my Mom does too. Also, why does allergy medicine seem to make me hyper when most kids get sleepy from Benadryl? I didn't get to sleep until 4:ooam! Sure hope the Zyrtec works better. So far though I am more hyper than ever, running on only four hours of sleep, but bouncing and zinging my new kick ball off the walls and ceiling, much to my Mother's delight. FYI: I am naturally an itchy person so you are the perfect storm of a disease for me. Also, does an oatmeal bath really have alot of oatmeal in it? Will I swim in the oatmeal? What if my cheeks are still red tomorrow will I go to school? Will my Dad take his third(unprecedented) family sick day and pick me up from school early? I like that!! :) Finally, do you call yourself Fifth's Disease, because on the fifth day you get better? Mom will like that!!
Love, My 8 year old itchy self

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  1. Oh, I so wish I could answer this one for you, for him... it is so hard to see our Little Ones suffer.

    Diphenhydramine can do that "opposite" thing, and when it does... oh boy.

    I hope that it truly does get ALL BETTER, very, very soon.