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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stuck in the Middle

I have four children and one middle child. Yesterday was a heart breaking day when he was the only one who did not make the soccer team at his school. It is a tough time for my 12 year old son, trying to navigate his way through life in our home, sandwiched between two alpha males that emulate their father. We are trying to better understand his ADHD and decide how to treat. He is scatter brained to an extreme, kind and empathetic beyond his years, and prone to emotional angry outbursts. Yesterday between sobs over not being picked for the school soccer team he told me that he thought it was better not to give him more medication because his tics had been worse all day. Oh my aching heart. I hugged and consoled him and wanted to tuck him back in, Aubrie with her 17 years of wisdom and similar life experiences gave him a quick to the point pep talk which he took in wide eyed and silent (love). Daddy came home and chose to ignore his defeat and instead focused on how well he did on his district wide state tests. Advanced in every area, my sweet gifted boy. He smiled.


  1. growing up is hard to do.. and then we have to do it all again with our kids... :( ... but sometimes it's good too :)

  2. The heartaches of life can be so tough at times. We do our best, that is all we can do, and then move on. Not as easy done, as said, I know.