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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Ball and Black and White

We signed Gabe up for Fall Ball. It sounded kind of idyllic, literally, an alliteration. It just rolls off the tongue. "Fall Ball". My husband assured me that the time commitment was just two little games a week on Saturday morns. It would be cooler yet still sunny and warm as colorful leaves delicately fall off of the trees. Well, it turns out that it is all of that and some. He has four games every weekend and a few practices thrown in their too. And, they don't start on time, they run late and they suck up 6 hours on Saturday alone. Factor in an ornery 10 year old who does not want to go, until he's there and engrossed in the game, and the joy of hunting for clean under armour and missing protective cups. But, we made it there. He played and hit and caught a few, and the rain never quite started as the wind picked up and the temperature dropped as the clouds rolled in and the cranky toddlers cried for their afternoon naps. Hallelujah.

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  1. A great way for the children to spend time and cast off their shadows.

  2. Gorgeous capture!

    Our shadow, have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Wow! This photo could be from the 1950's!! baseball and Little League are timeless, aren't they?! Great composition.