It is my intention to post photographs that I would like to share. I welcome feedback from anyone willing to follow along. Just double click on any photo to enlarge.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mosaic Monday

I had an eventful weekend! Friday night a high school soccer game, Saturday a concert with awesome up front stage access. Dierks Bentley for free! What a great show. Yesterday was my birthday. Not a fan of this day. It's not the age(45), but the attention it brings. I think you should celebrate people you love everyday in little ways. Right? It was a good day overall with a yummy dinner, a few surprise gifts, and a quick photo shoot of my son Donovan. It was my second of the week. I am trying to take my daughter's senior photos. Just the casual, natural light ones. I need to make a second attempt when we find the time. She is such a doll to let me practice on her. I am linking in with Mary and friends at : http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a great weekend! Happy belated Birthday.

  2. Great mosaic and happy "belated" birthday!