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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Late Summer Sunflowers

I refuse to call these beauties early Fall sunflowers even though the calendar says otherwise. Yesterday was one of those "heavenly days" weather wise. The kind of day when you can hear Patty Griffin singing in your ear as you step outside to snatch an odd soccer cleat off your front lawn. This week as been especially grueling, exhausting and eye-opening for us in the arena of raising kids. I am grateful and god thanking that I am not a single parent this week. And, even more thankful that God gave me the wisdom to marry someone who can handle life's "little" crises. And, I am thankful for warm Fall days when sunflowers still thrive, and a patient 12 year old that stays in our minivan on the side of the road as I take pictures of aging flowers in the afternoon sun. "Enough Mom! Get back in the van!" he eventually calls.

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