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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eggs Benedict

Gabe and I had eggs benedict for breakfast not that long ago. On a school day!! Around here eggs benedict is usually reserved for Mother's Day, but he has taken a liking to it so I surprised him. Tee hee. He could not believe his eyes and quickly hopped up on the stool at our messy kitchen island. We shared.
After the hectic first 45 min. of the day where everyone is waking, dressing, eating, packing,and sometimes arguing, Gabe and I have a peaceful hour together. Sometimes he is still in dreamland and then stumbles down at 7:45 to tell me his dream or sometimes he is wide awake and hungry. That hour is heavenly in many ways and will no longer exist when Gabe enters middle school next year and his day begins an hour earlier. It will be gone like our 11:00 lunches together eaten at the island as he waited for the kindergarten bus. :(

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 then, she {snapped}

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