It is my intention to post photographs that I would like to share. I welcome feedback from anyone willing to follow along. Just double click on any photo to enlarge.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter. As we now wait patiently to hear from the colleges she has applied to (Vassar, Connecticut College, Wheaton, Salve Regina and Emmanuel)this photo brings me back, way back.

Taken 17 years ago with film I have figure an easy way to turn my favorite photos digital and then do any editing or enhancing that I want. Like turning a faded color photo sepia. I take my point and shoot digital canon and just lay the photo on a flat surface near natural light. I then zoom in and snap. It is that easy. I can then edit within the camera with the many opions these little cameras have, like color enhancing or miniature, or upload to my computer and then pulling it into Picnik or even a store photo section like Walgreens where you can enhance your photos there right before ordering new copies. Choose one hour developing and pick them up in an hour. I have a friend who does this with very old faded black and white photographs. With her camera she zooms in on individual relatives in a group photo to get nice individual pictures of that person that just don't exist. The whole process is so easy and within a few hours you can change enough photos to digital and actually have the hard copies in your hand or a hard bound photo book ordered and on its way in the mail.



  1. Fine photo but does your daughter know? Good luck to her college quest.

  2. Scanning photos and editing on the computer would be a lot easier.

  3. It is a very fine photograph and looks good in sepia. The transformation gives it an ageless quality. I am pleased to welcome you on-board Sepia Saturday.

  4. I'm late reading the Sepia Saturday posts from last week.... At first I thought the photo was actually old. And then I noticed the disposable diaper. You did a nice job changing it and thanks for the suggestions about photographing and editing. Postcardy said it's easier to scan and edit. I've found that sometimes scanning is better, other time taking a photo is better. Best wishes to your daughter with her college applications. I hope she gets to go where she wants.