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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love silhouettes and have always wanted to try making my own. I have some of my children done several years ago at Disney World. I can still remember 3 year old Gabe perched on a little stool, bribed with the promise of candy. It was over 100 degrees that day, but to my surprise his three year old self was able to sit long enough for the gentleman to painstakingly, yet with amazing speed, cut his silhouette on and by sight. It was incredible all the way around. Finally I decided to attempt this on my own, albeit the easy way. I decided to attempt my first silhouette using my very cute nephew's profile. He recently went from an impish bob to a very bad ass Mohawk. On Christmas Eve I snapped a few pictures of his profile which is more adorable than ever with this haircut. I then printed out, traced around his profile with a fine tip sharpie, cut that out, traced it onto mat black paper with a pencil and cut that out. That's it! Much easier than I imagined, and quicker. I recommend a very sharp tiny pair of scissors and, wear your reading glasses if you are over 40. The smallest wrong move can alter their likeness. Oh yeah, don't forget to add eyelashes in, they don't show in every one's profile.

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  1. When in grade school, long long ago, we did this for a gift to our parents, probably at Christmas. I so love silhouettes & up until a mere few years ago had over 800 hanging on my walls ... I kept only a few to grace my walls when I changed decor.

    Love yours. Keepsake to treasure.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~