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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School

My little guy started third grade today, happily, but not without a little anxiety. In almost every picture I snapped where he is not looking at the camera and posing he has his hand up and is twirling his hair. He was a hair twirler starting way back, laying in his crib pacifier in his mouth and hand to head, crying as a toddler when we cut his hair too short to twirl. When he was really tired he would twirl double- fisted; or would twirl my hair when I nursed or rocked him. Such sweet baby memories. He is eight now and in many ways going on 14( the result of having 3 older siblings I assume) and has not twirled his hair in quite some time. Anyways, yesterday as he began fretting about the first day of school( and he is a fretter) I noticed him fingering his hair. It must have brought him some peace because he continued to do it throughout the day whenever he talked about school. This morning when I took these photos it wasn't until I uploaded them that I noticed his hand to his head twirling away. I wonder if he's doing it right now.


  1. I love the story that goes with this picture. My daughter and her little girl are both hair twirlers...My daughter is 25 and she still does it...

  2. oh my gosh. Our 8 year-olds would get along so well. Mine is a fretter and hair twirler too. I have to keep his hair short so he will (hopefully) break the habit. Very cute picture. :)