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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Best Shot Monday

I thought this picture turned out so cool. I did a little edit in adobe and the blue sky and white clouds popped. I was more than a little disappointed when I returned home from the store to find this mirror in pieces. Last week I had brought a can of aqua spray paint and let my 14 year old turn it blue in an attempt to re-invent it and add knew life to our livingroom. It was in the bedroom and just blending in so I thought why not. And, 14 year old boys do love to spray paint. I then velcroed it in the center of a large mirror hanging over our fireplace. I was pleased. :), and proud. It looked pretty cool.
It lasted barely a week. Today I'm off to buy superglue. With it now laying on the table I was able to get this shot which would not have happened if it were hanging. I even kinda cropped out the broken part of the frame and am grateful the mirror remained intact during the fall. I am titling this: In the Future. Partly because it looks like a porthole into the future and because in the future I will not velcro mirrors together.


  1. I love this shot - was/is a lovely mirror. Hope the supa glue works its magic.

  2. While I loved your concept, I'm not sure if you intended the supposed reflection look less than real. Maybe it's just me.

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