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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful Boys and The Beatles

When I took these photos today of my son I found myself singing the song "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon; in part because I thought he looked just beautiful as he lay on the couch twirling his hair with the sun streaming down on his face. I told him that John Lennon had two sons and he had written this song for his son Sean. I had learned of the song several years ago when my first born son was only a baby, it would often run through my mind as I was rocking him and holding him close. I have been talking about John Lennon lately to my kids because I am reading a biography by Philip North. 800+ pages but I am determined to finish it. It is really engrossing. You can't help but feel transported back to Liverpool many years ago. But the truth is that lately I am obsessed, not only with John, but with all The Beatles. It started when I spotted the biography in the library when I was picking up required Summer reading for my teens. I am also now half way through The Beatle Anthologies on VH1, and then to my delight found the movie/musical Across the Universe on HBO. I heart it! Everyone and anyone should watch if they are able, or even just listen. The music and lyrics literally come to life. Such a clever work of art. I am now trying to decide which remastered Beatles album I will purchase first. I find myself rediscovering their songs and really appreciating the incredible musicians they were and what they accomplished in such a short span of time. Last week I cut all my boys hair and it wasn't until I finished that I realized I had given my 14 year old a Beatles hair cut! Not a complete mop top, but a modern version. He looks a little like Paul in late 1965. This little guy got more of a traditional boy cut which suits him. I think he looks just beautiful. "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful; beautiful boy".

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