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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


While on the beach in Milford on Monday, I was walking, camera in hand snapping photos and looking for sea glass. Kelsie from New Mexico had just come out of her house on the beach for her mid-morning stroll. She was so pretty and friendly and begged for me to take her picture with her buddy Max. I snapped several of her alone, as she tried out many poses she had seen recently on America's Next Top Super Model. Max was not interested. She somehow distracted him for a moment by saying "Max look, a pirate ship!", as she pointed her nose at the horizon. Max is intrigued by pirate ships and the dangers of living close to the water. It frightens him yet thrills him daily as he scans the waters for ominous ships. He stopped trying to wrestle her, and she slipped her arm around his neck. I quickly snapped the picture. "Psych!", she yelled and ran away. I got her email and sent her these pictures. She is very happy and Max never even knew I took his photo. Wait until he sees it framed on their credenza, won't he be surprised.

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  1. Just found you over at PW.
    Love your photos, the Dogs are the best!!!!
    But wait I just got started let me keep looking. Thanks for sharing your work.