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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bluest Eye

None of my offspring have blue eyes, they are mostly brown or that brownish green hazel when wearing a green shirt. Since I love to photograph eyes I am often fascinated by the many shades of blue. This is my nephew's eye. Both his parents have that hazel color. Some how he ended up with this unique shade of darker blue.


  1. Perfect capture and crop of the blue eye and I love how crisp it is. You can see the golden in his eyelashes, very unique.

  2. really cool shot! i like eye close-ups, too, but mine never look this good. great choice for this week!

    my blue shot is posted also. feel free to come and visit anytime :O).

  3. Nice! More "natural" than mine... :-)

  4. Fabulous crop of a beautiful BLUE eye! Way to go....