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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wearing Wellies!!

As I was rushing around recently, trying to make it out the door in time for the start of yet another soccer game (we have as many as 10 a week), my daughter in a moment of brilliance(she has many) said "Mom, you can wear your boots today, the weather is perfect!" I had purchased the polka dot wellingtons for a song last year. I couldn't afford to leave them on the shelf at Target for the %75 off they were. They are so cute and I am a sucker for polka-dots! I recently checked online and Target has over 50 different prints to chooses from this season, but no clearance yet. Anyways, I have not worn them often and have not successfully convinced my daughter to take up wearing them as she tends to like to fade into the crowd and not draw attention to herself. Since none of her 15 year old friends had worn a pair of rubber polka-dot boots to school she did not want to be the first. " Be the first!" I told her, they will all have them soon, but I have yet to convince her. She was right though, a rainy , nearly Fall day when I would be schellping onto a muddy soccer field that is often covered in goose poop was the perfect day for me to wear them. I quickly pulled them on and headed out the door. When I arrived my two closest " Mom"friends were already there, sitting in their bag chairs and look what was on their feet. Wellies! They had just purchased theirs that morn. and had ended up with identical boots.

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