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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red Soccer Ball

I have to say that this soccer ball is really getting on my nerves lately. It is forever being shuffled and kicked around inside our house. Yes, inside! I am forever ordering it outside, opening the kitchen door and flinging it into the recycling bin in the garage in a rage or hiding it in my hamper under dirty clothes. Add to the mix a few other brothers who also think they have the right to bring a soccer ball inside and, a msc. rugby ball that has yet to find a permanent home in the garage. I need to find that episode of the Brady Bunch and make my boys sit and watch. Because "Mom always says, Don't play ball in the house", and anyone born before 1980 knows this.


  1. Little stinker! Great capture though!

  2. hehe, cute picture even though the ball is getting on your nerves :)

  3. Oh, I love your fun picture! I love people who are creative and outside of the box thinkers! Life is too short not to be! I also love the smile on your sons face! He looks so happy!

  4. Very nice! You took an irritation and turned it into a thing of beauty! :D Cute little dude you've got there, as well.