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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before and After

Every once in awhile I think I have taken a really good picture. I am on a high for ........hours, sometimes a whole day; and then I look at what others are achieving and it is just jaw dropping. There is some really incredible photography out there. Is it talent, great equipment, skill, actions, all of the above? Probably? Some of the bokeh fall shots on Pioneer Woman were soooo beautiful. Little works of art that should be blown up mural size. Impressive. For now I guess I just have to keep practicing. It gets confusing though. What's more important, using your camera perfectly, or learning to edit technically correct yet creatively? I'm not sure, but for today I will just dabble in the artistic section of elements and turn my mistakes into art. The possibilities and combinations are endless and sometimes beautiful; and I am way too right brain for technical on most days. Here I go again practicing on the darn bee and flower shots. I can't believe I have not gotten stung yet.

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